We all know that’s Valentine’s Day 2019 approaching soon. And the dress is an important part of the day. This is only for good looking. But you know sometimes people dress knows their personalizes. On valentine day these big selections time to pick a good looking dress. Nowadays girls and boys try to put on the matching dress. Every day when they go school or college they put their uniform. When they were any function they put on their especial dress. So which dress you want to try. So should also give him your favorite dress which one you buy for her/ him. Every day in valentine week list you put different types of dress. You should put on any red color dress if you have on the rose day. Also, you put pink, black, white color dresses. Now I’m giving you some dress name down here.

Valentine’s Day dress for her/ him. Wind it up mauve velvet slip dress, falling for you rusty rose maxi dress, exclusive tip the scallops red dress. Sway girl sway! Wine red swing dress, thinking out loud black backless jumpsuit, aerial view white maxi dress. Shift and shout Ivory shift dress, chart topper berry pink dress, shift and shout blush pink shift dress. Endlessly alluring black lace Bodycon dress, Glamorous greeting blush maxi dress, Stella rose suede pointed pumps. You should try all the dress if you want. To buy this dress please visit here: Here I’m going to giving you some website address to buy your choice able dress:,,,,


You all know Valentine’s Day 2019 are approaching. And you all find the best Valentine day SMS, wishes, quotes. So you are the right place in here because we are giving you the best Valentine’s Day 2019 wishes.

“It’s all about Faith and Trust, these things will make your life lovely. Every day will be Valentine’s Day. Love your partner more than she loves you and enjoys the Day. Happy Valentine”.

“Wish you very happy valentines day for all lovers and be happy in life. And don’t hurt your lovers in any simple matter. Because if love once is gone never come back again, please lead your life till your end with you will be loved ones”.

“Thank you, dear. I don’t know whether our love story is true or fake. But I think we really love each other the most & hope it may achieve a happy ending & same to you”.

“Love is an eternal beauty, not related to time. It vanishes the memory of beginning and fear of the end.
Because love is forever and ever. I love you”.

“If you ask me whether I need you the answer is forever. If you ask me whether I will forget you the answer is never. And If you ask me what I value the most the answer is you. You ask me whether I love you the answer is I do”.

“Valentine’s Day reminds you that you need to have a boyfriend now. It’s about time to open up your heart for those who deserve. Come on, girl! Life is too short. Enjoy and have fun! Happy Heart’s Day”.

“If I wake up one day and I was asked for a wish. Mine would be that our love should last till. We see fish on the tree and stars on the ground. Happy valentine day my love”.

“You are my reality, you are my dreams, you are the ocean and you are the thirst.
Without you how can I live? Miss you”.

“I would not lie in telling that sometimes I feel sad having no one to take me out for a date every Valentine’s Day. But then I realized, even it’s not Valentine’s still no one would ask me. Then, I would start laughing at myself. I was trying to tell you that it is not the end of our life. With or without a date, life must go on. Be happy always”.

“I think am the most blessed person in the world. Because sharing my life with you, getting up every morning. And seeing your face is a blessing. I love you”.

“After many years of waiting, I finally found my true love. That also means a happy Valentine’s Day for me. No more sadness and bitterness, just love and happiness. Greeting everyone an awesome Valentine’s too”.

“Soul mates are not those who are perfect. But they make each other perfect. The way you made me perfect. Without you m incomplete dear”.

“I can still remember that awkward moment when the flowers that were supposed to you delivered to a wrong girl. Instead of getting mad, you laugh the whole time. You said it was totally fine and well at least I have made that girl happy (or I have not?). You are the kindest and the sweetest girl I’ve met. I love you, sweetie”.

“I thought Like I heard your name. But when I looked around I was alone. Then I realized It was my heart telling me I am missing you”.

“Memories are like a box of sweets when you open it you just can’t be satisfied with one piece. It is connected to a rail”.

“You are such an amazing person and I want you in my life forever. I don’t need a day to celebrate my love but since everyone is celebrating in a way so y not we. Happy valentine day my love”.

“Forgetting you is very hard to do, Forgetting me is up to you. Forget me not or never,
Because I’m in love with you forever”.

“Every time I look at you I fall in love again and again And now it happened again. It is time that we become 1
forever and never be apart. Will you be my valentine…?

“It’s the time of the year again where every couple goes out for a date while you are on your house having your coffee alone. Oh, come on! Who said it’s for couples only? We can also have fun tonight! Let’s make our Valentine’s Day even happier. And oh, here’s a flower for you. Happy Valentine’s Day”.


We know Valentine’s Day 2019 has come soon. And you want to find best valentine day quotes for your love. You will send him/ her quotes for long life. So we provide you the lovely valentine day quotes.

“Love is just amazing, can’t express by words. You can only feel it, each you feel it automatically you’ll smile”.

“I may not say always how special you are for me, I may not reach to you because I am busy, but you are someone I love and care for.”

“Love can’t define it’s only observed in the eye of lover.”

“Love is like a fever which comes and goes quite independently of the will. There are no age limits for love”.

“Can I ask you out for a date tonight? I will be waiting at the nearby restaurant just a few blocks away from our office. Take care. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

“I am still single, and it hurts when I see people happy on valentine’s day! I do believe I deserve a woman who will love me forever and always be crazy about me. However, a lot of women reject me because I am a …… I find cross-eyed women hot. So if any single cross eyed chick is interested, please pm me on pal talk, and we shall get to know more about each other”.

“I would love to greet you, mom and dad, a happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your celebration. I miss you both. Take care of each other always”.

“Everyday it’s just a same playing games different lovers, different names. they keep saying I survive it just takes time, but I don’t think time will going to heal this broken heart.

“Every Day is like Valentine’s Day when I am with you. No hate, just pure love. This feeling I have for you is never ending. Happy Valentine’s Day 2019”.

“ “Happy Valentine’s Day to the best team leader ever. Thank you for your never ending commitment and understanding. Enjoy your date”.

“To the man who stole my heart, Happy Valentine’s Day. It is such a great day every day when I am with you. Thank you for all the laughter and sweet moments. Cheers for another day full of love and happiness”.

“I’m always waiting for you to come toward me, hold me & look me in the eye.,
then say in my ears,,,,, I LOVE YOU”.
“This world will stay with me… I’m always waiting for that perfect kiss in the perfect place on a perfect moment… I’m always waiting for you to hold my hand. So I can be proud to walk with you & saying that you are my Valentine”.

“Love is understanding each other not at all, but it’s ok after some time he knows what you want. If you want him is your valentine, so I think giving more space in heart”.

“Like everybody who is not in love, he thought one chose the person to be loved after endless deliberations and on the basis of particular qualities or advantages.” – Marcel Proust

“It is love when we think about each other every single moment despite being miles apart. We reside in each other’s heart”.

“Love is sweet when it is new and sweeter when it is genuine and sweetest when it is with you; you seduce me, so I’m falling into you can’t you see.”

“I wish to die before you so that I can write your name on each star. Let the world watch you mean the world to me”.

“I was reborn when you first kissed me. Part of me died when you left me. But now I still live, waiting for the day you return to me”.


On 14th February 2019 release some mobile for this Valentine. It is a particular part of life. Because we should try to give you something different. And our Mobile part is different for you. On this Valentine’s Day 2019 some mobile telecom company releases their next mobile. These companies release their phone only for Valentine’s Day 2019. Last year we saw that. And this year Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, Lava, Lenovo mobile phone releases 14th February 2019. Now I am giving you this cell phone name and their details. Xiaomi Mi 6 is the upcoming Smartphone, and it releases on 14th February. You expected 5.2-inch display, 4k resolution video camera, 23-pixel rear camera, 7-pixel front camera. It has 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, 3000 mAh Battery, USB type-C port, quick charge 3.0. And also coming Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone S8, Lenovo P2.

Valentine’s Day 2019 Movie

Now I’m telling you what’s movies release on this Valentine’s Day 2017. Every year lots of movie release on 14th February for Valentine day. This is love day for all and all director made some reality love movies. So you go to see this all movie every day on the week list of valentine day. There are the movies which are released on valentine’s day week.

The Covenant, Secrets of Deception these two movies released on 7th February 2019.

A united kingdom, Running wild, God bless the broken road, Kedi, Jolly LLB 2, Jhon Wick: Chapter 2. I am Jane doe, Stray Bullets, Fifty Shades Darker. The LEGO Batman movie, this movie are released on 10th February 2019.

How to be single, Providence, All ready tomorrow in hong kong these movies are released on 12th February 2019.

Be my Valentine, Lead with your heart, Bridal wave, Autumn Dreams, A country wedding. Valentine ever after, a world premiere Original movies release on 13th February 2019.

October kiss, Dater’s Handbook, Valentine ever after, All things valentine, Appetite for love. Anytime for Love, A world premiere Original movies release on 14th February 2019.

Valentine Day Songs

This is the time to say the songs name of love. Yes, On this valentine day share your love with each other with a beautiful song. Love never end, Love never Die. So love each other and make the world happy. Songs are not only the musical creation. But it is also a way to convey the beautiful feeling of love. We always talk Valentine’s Day greeting, wishes, quotes, SMS but we never talk Valentine’s Day Song. So let’s talk the most love song on this Valentine’s Day 2019.

English Song on this Valentine’s Day:

Nothing Gonna Chance My Love For You, Valentine, Endless Love, Could I Have This Kiss Forever. Bye Bye Bye, Obsessed, Forever, Dream lover, Love Never Felt So Good. The Way You Make Me fell, Step By Step, Greatest Love For All is the Song on this Valentine Day. This All Song is so amazing and Beautiful. I Love all the Song If you want to hear the song click here.

Hindi Songs on This Valentine Day:

Pal Pal Del Ki Pass Tum Rehte Hoon, Pyaar Manga Hai Tumhi Se. Tu Dua Hai Dua, Tum Se Shikayat Hai Yeh Tum Humein Milte Nahi. Enna Sona, Tu Jo Nehi, Kaara Fankaara, The Humma Song from OK JANNU. Go Pagal, Bawara Mann, Jeena Chordu, Mulakat Hogi, Tere Naam from Jolly LLB 2. Mera Yaar Mila Day, Ishq De, Zinda Rehe ke Kya karu , Tera Sath, Tu Hi Hai from Jaaga Jasoos. Tu Hai Sanam, Udi Udi Jaye, SubhanAllah, Maza Aa Gaya, Zaalima, Khwahishon ki Dua from Raees movie. Kaabil Hoon, Haseeno ke Deewana, Mon Amour, Kuch Din, Kisi Se Pyaar Hoon Jaye song from Kaabil.

Valentine’s Day 2019 in Canada

Now I’m telling you how Canadian people enjoy Valentine’s Day. Valentine day is an Opportunity for Canadian because on the day they tell other that how much he/she love him/her. They Love them from a romantic way we know that. On the day many people send a card, letters, give a message, wishes for their loved one. Maybe they treat their partner to a luxury hotel, restaurant. They gift their loved so many things like worldwide people do that. Their Valentine’s common gift is Flowers, candy, teddy, toy hearts, sparkling wine, cosmetics, clothing, and Jewelry. They kiss their partner and dance with him/ her over the day night.

Valentine’s Day 2019 in united kingdom

People of United Kingdom enjoy their valentine full feeling of love. Their feelings for a particular person who love her/ him. They send they card, images, text on the Valentine’s Day 2019. Card and gifts sent traditionally in the UK and Even if they are partner or spouse. And this is their tradition to give another people even you don’t know him/ her. Family member all send each other card, gifts. Many couples eat a meal with each other on the valentine day. They enjoy their Valentine’s Day full of week list part. 14th February is not a holiday in the United Kingdom. But Restaurant hotel is especially busy for valentine. They enjoy full of the night with each other.

Hi, Everyone it’s time to end of this part Happy Valentine’s Day 2019. I don’t How you know about valentine on this page. We try to give all the information of Valentine Day. How we have done it we don’t know. If You like our page and you have any idea to give us for this page. Please share with us all of the ideas. We should try to give our best for you. Or how you enjoy on this Valentine’s Day please share with us. Love each other but remember this “A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart”. You can share our love message, SMS, Wish, Quotes with your GF/ BF, Husband or wife. Thank you so much for be with us.