Valentine’s day is a day of love. All over the world, people of all age groups especially youngsters celebrate this day with much enthusiasm and fanfare. There are some color codes or dress codes which can help one understand the status when one proposes to his or her friend. The following are some cute dress and color codes for Valentine’s day 2016:

Valentines Day Color Codes Meaning 2019:

Pink color dress code : Pink is always a cute and lovable color and loved by most of the females. If a person wears Pink color, it signifies the person had accepted the valentine proposal.
Orange color dress code :Orange is a pure color and signifies that the person is going to propose with a pure heart on the Valentine days.
Blue color dress code : Blue is the sea color and Valentine’s day blue color indicates that I am free.
Green color dress code : Green color means the word “go” , it means acceptance of the proposal on the valentines days.
Black color dress code : Black is a negative color and denotes the person is not interested and bothered about love.
Yellow color dress code : Yellow color is of fire and fury and this color signifies broke-up in the valentine days week.
Red colored dress code : Red color means to stop and tells the person is not interested.
Gray color dress code : Gray color means the person is not interested in the valentine days proposal.
White colored dress code : Wearing White color on the valentine days means that the person is already booked and already in love.

Valentine’s Day Dress Code And Color Code 2019

Valentine Day is known by the name of Saint Valentine and is celebrated across the country on every 14th of February. It is also famous with the names like Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. It is celebrated across the globe but not considered as a public holiday. He managed to perform weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. Valentine Day 2016 is approaching fast and will be celebrated from 7th day of Valentine Week List till 14th day Valentine Week List 2016. It is although the day of fun and celebrations, but many people are quite concerned about their etiquette related to dress codes and colors. So we have arrived with some dress codes and colors for all those who are concerned about the matter that what they are going to wear in this valentine. So navigate inside this article and get some ideas about same. We are wishing everyone as Happy Valentine Day 2019.

Valentine Week List 2019 / Valentine Date Sheet 2019 

07-02-2019 – Rose Day ( Sunday ) 
08-02-2019 – Propose Day ( Monday ) 
09-02-2019 – Chocolate Day ( Tuesday ) 
10-02-2019 – Teddy Day ( Wednesday ) 
11-02-2019 – Promise Day ( Thursday ) 
12-02-2019 – Hug Day ( Friday ) 
13-02-2019 – Kiss Day ( Saturday ) 
14-02-2019 – Valentine’s Day ( Sunday ) 

Suggested Dress Codes and their Meaning

a ) Blue – Love application is invited 
b ) Green – I’m Waiting for you
c ) Red – Already in love 
d ) Black – Proposal Rejected 
e ) White – I’m already engaged, So very sorry to you
f ) Orange – I’m going to propose him/her
g ) Pink – Proposal is accepted 
h ) Grey – I’m not interested at all. You try your luck next time
i ) Yellow – I broken up with him/her
j ) Brown – Sign of broken heart
Valentines Day Dress Code
If you are already engaged or married, don’t wear the blue color as it means that you are totally free and can accept any valentine days proposal. These Valentine’s Day dress code colours indicates different moods of the person wearing it. By the dress code or color you wear on Valentine’s Day, you are free to have an affair, or already booked or you are simply not interested. Wear these valentines day dress codes and show your correct side to the world.

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