Indian 70th Republic Day Speech In Telugu For Teachers : All Students and Kids want 26 January Short Speech In Telugu PDF (రిపబ్లిక్ డే ప్రసంగం) For preparing to our 70th Republic Day School programs. A long time ago, when our India was trapped in the clutches of British leaders, then the time British began to apply their rules across the country. The British Empire started implementing its strict rules on Indians, to get rid of these rigid rules and to liberate the country, some great warriors of India pledged to liberate the country. Indian fighters knew that this work would be very difficult, but they also knew that it is not impossible.

On 26th January 1930, all the leaders resolved to liberate the country. Which was resulted in 1947, India become free from all strict rules and principle of British Raj. A long year ago India was famous by the name of “Golden Bird”, In Hindi it was called “Sone Ki Chidiya”. The Golden Bird tag is no longer near our country, but now we are free and follow the all rules and lows of our country.

The constitution assembly of India were pass the final structure of India’s constitution in 1950, Here after India become republic country. India such a very beautiful country which known for nature, language, culture, one of the most biggest democratic country in out of the world and many more things are also written in India’s history. If you want Republic Day Speech In Telugu For your school programs. Then here we update 26 January Telugu Speech article for all Telugu peoples.

India’s freedom was conduct one of the most largest victory to all Indians, After this victory celebration many more things are developed for our nation like India’s Anthem song, India’s national flag, flag hoisting, India’s constitution etc. The name of India also get from the river “Indu”. The sanskrit name of India is “Bhartiya Ganrajya”. This is the Best Speech On Republic Day In Telugu Language. Like and share with your classmates and suggest them this speech lines information.

Happy 70th Republic Day 2019 Speech In Telugu For Teachers

Gantantra Desh is an Hindi meaning of Republic Country. Here we talking about India, which was republic in 26-1-1950 after independence day of India. India is a gantantra country, and one another fact of this constitution is that, it is a world biggest written constitution which complete after 2 year, 11 months & 18 days. It is our good fortune that we live in that country where the river Ganga flows, a various culture live together etc. All Teachers will get here Republic Day Telugu Speech and can motivate their school students, using this speech information.

The occurrence of republic day(national holiday/ event/ festival/ occasion) scares a lots of happiness and create a magical moment across India. People unfurl the national flag, wear tricolor clothes, hand band, hairband, and also create tricolor tattoos in their various body parts like face, nails, shoulders, back, cheeks, forehead, hair, eyes, etc.

India is land of god, land of festivals citizen of India feel glad to live in India. feel honor to color their body parts using tricolor and give tribute to freedom fighters. Hope you like this 26 January Speech In Telugu and will use to motivate your school students.

Republic Day Speech In Telugu

26 January Republic Day Short Speech In Telugu PDF

India got their own constitution after hard work in 1950, Its a day when first republic day flag was hoist in Rajpath on 26th of Jan 1950. After flag hoisting it was declared nation’s gazetted holiday. On this gazetted day government offices, India’s schools and colleges are open for few hours(for the celebration of republic day). Republic day is celebrate annually in the month of January. 26th of January is held as India Republic day. Get here Republic Day Short Speech In Telugu PDF and suggest this 26 January Telugu Speech to your teachers, students, kids and classmates.

On this historic occasion every people of India enjoy their republic life together. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai any culture observe it together. Children celebrate it in country schools and colleges, elders are celebrate it in various place like to attend one or many republic day functions as a guest, chief guest or viewer(audience), bystander.

26 January Speech In Telugu

26 January Speech In Telugu

Speech On Republic Day In Telugu – 26 January Essay In Telugu

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So share this article with your buddies and suggest them this beautiful and simple/small/sweet speech lines. Thanks to all of you, i wish you all Happy 70th Republic Day 2019, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.26 January Republic Day Speech In Telugu PDF For Teachers Students