Note –

  • Shared the procedure followed by a 5* hotel. I haven’t taken account of local shady hotels.
  • If you can’t afford to stay in a luxurious hotel, then opt for the 3* hotel/ resort.
  • Take some time to do a self research before booking. Keep security your first priority.
  • Use OLA.

P.S. – Like I said, consensual sex is not a crime, until one of you use it later to ruin a life.

Things required to stay in a hotel –

  • ID proofs of the ones staying
  • Passport and Visa copies if you’re not an Indian
  • Money obviously
  • Generally hotels doesn’t allow under adult age children to stay alone. A guardian is required for their own safety

Who can stay with you –

  • Wife/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ parents
  • Anyone you want if the required details are shared

The police will definetely pay you a visit if –

  • You’re a wanted man or a suspect
  • Someone reported you doing illegal things in a hotel room (like drugs)
  • You’re creating a mess for the hotel (extreme abuse of the resources)

Let’s say you did something wrong and police did come to arrest you. Note –

  • They will not come to your room directly. They will come at the hotel reception, asking for your details.

This is why your ID is required.

  • The hotel does not share your details with anyone. If its the police case, it will be shared by the Duty Manager and Security Manager present at the hotel. (Ofcourse keeping in mind the density of situation)
  • The police will not visit you alone in the room. They will be accompanied by the hotel’s Security Manager, General Manager and the Duty Manager on shift to make sure nothing goes wrong.

(*depends on hotel policy and situation)

And if you did nothing wrong and are just a guest in the hotel, then – Don’t be afraid. Enjoy the stay my friend.

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